Entry to Norway for all citizens

From midnight on Friday 29 January, stringent rules apply for entry into Norway for citizens from all countries. We will update this information as we get more information.
  • How long will the strict entry rules apply?

  • I have received a residence permit and have not traveled to Norway yet. Can I travel to Norway now?

Can I travel to Norway now?

  • Most people cannot travel to Norway now

  • Exception: Norwegian citizens

  • Exception: foreigners residing in Norway

  • Exception: foreigners who have been granted a family immigration permit

  • Exception: foreigners who will visit or live with close family members in Norway

  • Exception: those who can commute between Nordic countries

  • Exceptions: foreigners who are going to have scheduled contact with their children

  • Exceptions: foreigners who have special reasons that indicate that the person is given the right to enter, such as special care responsibilities for persons in Norway or other strong welfare considerations

  • Exceptions: asylum seekers and resettlement refugees

  • Exceptions: some occupational groups

  • Exception: foreign workers who are exempt from entry restrictions upon application and decision by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate

  • Exceptions: foreigners who are going to stopover at an airport in Norway (both in international airport transit and within Schengen)

  • Exceptions: foreigners who is a permanent resident of Svalbard, or who needs to travel through the Norwegian mainland on his way to or from work or residence on Svalbard

  • Exceptions: foreigners working in critical societal functions

  • Exceptions: foreigners with an invitation from the Norwegian authorities and employees in international organizations

Quarantine and documentation for the exceptions that may enter

  • Must everyone who travels to Norway do a test for covid-19 upon entry?

  • I have heard that the government has launched a system where everyone must register upon entry to Norway. Do I have to register my personal information?

  • To whom does the requirement for a negative Covid-19 test when entering Norway apply?

  • Who is covered by the requirement to stay in a quarantine hotel?

  • I belong to one of the exceptions that can enter Norway now. Can the UDI give me a written confirmation that I have the right to enter Norway that I can use for documentation?

Visas, applications and residence permits

  • Extension: can I apply for an extension of my visa- or visa-free stay?

  • What happens if I cannot hand in my application due to a closed Embassy/ Application Centre or a suspended representation agreement?

  • I have a permanent residence permit, and I am currently abroad. I have not been able to return to Norway due to the corona situation and have now stayed outside Norway for more than two years. Will I lose my permanent residence permit?

  • I have stayed outside Norway for more than seven months due to the corona situation; can I still apply for a permanent residence permit?

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