Residing in a country outside the EU/EEA/Schengen

Most people who live outside the EU/EEA/Schengen cannot travel to Norway now. Here you will find information about the entry rules and the exceptions for persons who can enter now.

Can I travel to Norway now?

  • Most people cannot travel to Norway now

  • Exemption: EU/EEA/Schengen citizen or citizen of the United Kingdom

  • Exemption: foreigners residing in a purple country

  • Exemption: foreigners who are going to visit close family members residing in Norway

  • Exemption: foreigners who are in an established relationship with a person residing in Norway

  • Exemption: Persons who are fully vaccinated or have undergone COVID-19 disease during the last six months and have a valid digital COVID-19 certificate that Norway accepts

  • Exemption: minor children who travel with parents who are exempt from the entry restrictions

  • Exemption: foreigners who have a residence permit and are residing in Norway

  • Exemption: foreign students

  • Exemption: foreigners who have been granted a family immigration permit

  • Exemption: close family members of a Norwegian citizen who lives abroad

  • Exemption: a family member of an EU/EEA/Schengen citizen

  • Exemption: foreign athletes and necessary support staff who come to Norway to participate in certain sports events

  • Exemption: foreigners who are going to have scheduled contact with their children

  • Exemption: foreigners who have special reasons that indicate that the person is given the right to enter, such as special care responsibilities for persons in Norway or other strong welfare considerations

  • Exemption: asylum seekers and resettlement refugees

  • Exemptions: some occupational groups

  • Exemption: foreigners working offshore on a mobile or fixed installation

  • Exemption: foreign workers who are exempt from entry restrictions upon application and decision by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate

  • Exemptions: foreign workers who are exempt from entry restrictions upon application and decision by the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture

  • Exemptions: foreigners who are going to stopover at an airport in Norway (both in international airport transit and within Schengen)

  • Exemptions: foreigners who is a permanent resident of Svalbard, or who needs to travel through the Norwegian mainland on his way to or from work or residence on Svalbard

  • Exemptions: foreigners working in critical societal functions

  • Exemptions: foreigners with an invitation from the Norwegian authorities and employees in international organizations

  • How long will the strict entry rules apply?

  • I do not belong to any of the exemptions which can travel to Norway now. Is there any way I can apply to enter or submit an appeal on the entry restrictions?

Travel documents

  • I do not have a valid residence card but need to travel. What can I do?

  • I belong to one of the exemptions that can enter Norway now. Can the UDI give me a written confirmation that I have the right to enter Norway that I can use for documentation?

Quarantine and documentation for the exemptions to the entry restrictions

Visas, applications and residence permits

  • I have been granted a study permit and want to come to Norway for the autumn semester of 2021. May I have my entry deadline extended?

  • Extension: can I apply for an extension of my visa- or visa-free stay?

  • What happens if I cannot hand in my application due to a closed Embassy/ Application Centre or a suspended representation agreement?

  • I have a permanent residence permit, and I am currently abroad. I have not been able to return to Norway due to the corona situation and have now stayed outside Norway for more than two years. Will I lose my permanent residence permit?

  • I have stayed outside Norway for more than seven months due to the corona situation; can I still apply for a permanent residence permit?

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