Application for romantic partner visits

You can apply for a permit for your romantic partner to come to visit you in Norway if you meet certain requirements.

Please note that if your romantic partner resides in the EU/EEA /Schengen, The United Kingdom, or a purple country outside the EU/EEA/Schengen (eksternt nettsted), you do not need to apply for a romantic partner visit.

The person who lives in Norway must apply and is responsible for the content in the submitted application. You and your romantic partner must meet certain requirements for your romantic partner to get a permit to visit you in Norway.

Your romantic partner cannot travel to Norway until you have applied for a permit and received approval (yes) on your application. Your romantic partner must additionally meet the entry requirements following ordinary regulations.

If your romantic partner already applied and has been granted permission to visit, you do not need to apply again. In this case, your romantic partner can travel to Norway with the already granted decision.

If your romantic partner is required to hold a visa upon entry to Norway, your romantic partner must also apply for a visitor’s visa. The application for a romantic partner visit must be granted before your romantic partner can apply for a visa. The decision from the application must be attached to the visa application. He/she must meet the requirements for a visa. Your romantic partner cannot enter Norway if he/she has not been granted a visa. Here you can find information about visitor’s visas.

If your romantic partner gets the permit to visit you in Norway, remember that he/she must follow the quarantine rules that apply when entering Norway (eksternt nettsted).

Requirements for you and your romantic partner

  • Requirements towards your romantic partner

  • You must live in Norway to apply for this permit

  • Requirements to be defined as romantic partners

Information before you apply

  • A brief explanation of the application scheme and what happens if you do not meet the requirements

  • How UDI processes your peronal data

How to apply

When you have submitted your application

  • Your romantic partner cannot travel to Norway before you have received an answer to your application

  • When do I receive an answer to my application?

  • Can my application be given priority?

  • How do I receive an answer to my application?

When you have received an answer to your application

  • What do I do when I have received approval on my application?

  • How long is this permit valid?

  • What happens if I receive a rejection on the application?

  • Can my partner's visa application be rejected even if I have been granted a romantic partner visit?

When your romantic partner is travelling to Norway

Answers to frequently asked questions about romantic partner visits

  • Does my romantic partner have to stay in a quarantine hotel?

  • Can my romantic partner bring his or her children when visiting me in Norway?

  • Should I apply for family members other than my romantic partner to visit me?

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