About the corona situation Citizens of countries outside EU/EEA: Currently in Norway

The rules for entry to Norway and other rules regarding immigration are affected by the corona situation. You can find answers to frequently asked questions regarding entry to Norway, your application for residence, visa, family immigration and working in

Questions and answers

  • Quarantine: Which quarantine rules apply to me?

  • Expired permit or visa - I am in Norway on an expired permit/visa due to the corona situation and have registered a new application on the Application Portal before 15 September 2020. Do I have to leave before 15 September?

  • Appointment with the police: I need confirmation of legal residence while waiting for an available appointment with the police to apply for renewal or a permanent residence permit. What can I do?

  • Appointment with the police: I need an appointment with the police related to my application. How do I get an appointment?

  • Residence card: I have a permanent residence permit/permanent right of residence and my residence card is expired expires soon. I do not get an appointment at the police office to order a new residence card. What should I do?

  • Study permit: Soon I have to renew my study permit. Due to the corona situation, I have lost my part-time job, and therefore I do not have enough funds to showcase when applying for renewal. What should I do?

  • Travel documents: Will UDI continue to process travel document applications?

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