About the UDI Directors in the UDI

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Frode Forfang
Director General

Frode Forfang, direktør (external website)

Frode Forfang (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB) 

Ingeborg Grimsmo
Communications Director

Kommunikasjonsdirektør Ingeborg Grimsmo

Ingeborg Grimsmo (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Hanne Jendal
Director, The Asylum Department

 Hanne Jendal, avdelingsdirektør asylavdelingen

Hanne Jendal (high-resolution jpg, 1MB)

Karl Erik Sjøholt
Director, The Managed Migration Department

Karl Erik Sjøholt,  avdelingsdirektør oppholdsavdelingen

Karl Erik Sjøholt (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Stephan Mo 
Director, Analysis and Development Department

Stephan Mo, avdelingsdirektør analyse- og utviklingsavdelingen

Stephan Mo (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Christine Wilberg
Director, Department for Regions, Reception and Return

Christine Wilberg, avdelingsdirektør, region- og mottaksavdelingen

Christine Wilberg (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Lars Bendik Johansen
Acting director, Department of E-Government

Lars Bendik Johansen (high-resolution jpg, 1,5 MB)


Sissel Mehammer
Acting regional director, The Western Region Office

Sissel Mehammer (high resolution jpg, 1,1 MB)

Rune Holiløkk Vordahl
Region Director, The Central Region Office

Rune Holiløkk Vordahl, regiondirektør, regionkontor Midt-Norge

Rune Holiløkk Vordal (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Siv Kjelstrup
Region Director, The Inland Region Office

Siv Kjelstrup, regiondirektør, regionkontor Indre Østland

Siv Kjelstrup (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Tormod Stavenes
Region Director, The Southern Region Office

Tormod Stavenes, regiondirektør, regionkontor Sør

Tormod Stavenes (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

Bjørn Alf Fridfeldt 
regional director, The Northern Region Office

Bjørn Alf Fridfeldt, regiondirektør, regionkontor Nord

Bjørn Alf Fridfeldt (high-resolution jpg, 1 MB)

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