You must hand in these documents with your application for a residence permit (Immigration Act section 40) Checklist for family immigration with spouse

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How to use the checklist

Underneath is a list of the documents you need to submit when you apply for family immigration. Some of the documents you the applicant have to get and others the reference person need to get.

  • Print the list.
  • Mark every submitted document in the check list
  • Fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the list and sign the last page.
  • You as the applicant should then submit this checklist, the questionnaire and copies of all the relevant documents at the local police station or a Foreign Service Mission. You must also bring the original documents. 

On this page, we use the words 'reference person' and 'applicant

  • The reference person = the family member living in Norway.
  • The applicant = the person who wants to move to Norway or continue living here and who needs a residence permit

Application documents 

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The cover letter is the attachment you received via e-mail when you registered your application online. Please print it and bring it with you. If it was not possible for you to apply online, please bring a filled-out application form. (

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You can use this form Form for granting Power of Attorney, pdf, 710 kB ( or the form you received by email when you registered your application in the Application Portal.

Identity documents for the applicant 

Family documents 

Documentation of the income of the reference person (please choose the cathegory which is relevant for the reference person)

You must document that the reference person has an income of at least NOK 306 700 per year pre-tax now. In addition, the reference person’s income last year must have been at about the same level. The reference person also cannot have received any social security benefits during the last 12 months. Please check the income requirements, what kind of income that counts and whether you can be exempted from any of the requirements at

Documents you must hand in if the reference person works

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In the contract/confirmation it must be clear how long the employment will last and the scope (full time or part-time) of the employment. If your work is temporary, you should enclose a confirmation from your employer if it is possible to prolong your contract.

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Documents you must hand in if the reference person receives benefits from NAV

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Documents you must hand in if the reference person is self-employed

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Documents you must hand in if they apply to the reference person’s current situation

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The reference person must have earned at least NOK 252 472 per year pre-tax in 2015.

Documentation of the requirement for four years full time work or studies (the four year requirement) 

You only need to meet this requirement if

  • you married after the reference person came to Norway, and
  • the reference person is not a Norwegian citizen, and came to Norway as a resettlement refugee, an asylum seeker, through family immigration, or was given a residence permit on the grounds of strong humanitarian considerations or a particular connection to Norway

Documentation which shows that the reference person has been in full time work or education in Norway for four years

Originals and copies of the documents

Requirements for documents from Norway

You do not need to bring originals of documents from Norwegian authorities. You are only to hand in a copy of the document. The copy does not need to be stamped.

Requirements for documents from other countries than Norway

Application questionnaire to be filled out by the applicant (not the reference person in Norway) 

The UDI will look at your answers when we process your application. It is therefore important that you fill in this questionnaire as accurately as possible, even if not all the questions are relevant to your situation. 

Information about you and your spouse / registered partner

Please use extra sheets of paper to write down your answers.



  1. Give a description of your relationship.




  1. When, where and how did you and the reference person meet?




  1. Have you and the reference person spent time together since you met? If yes, where and when?




  1. Have you and the reference person ever lived together? If yes, when, where and for how long?




  1. Are you and the reference person related to each other? If yes, in what way?




  1. Which language(s) do you and the reference person use in order to communicate with one another?




  1. Who proposed and how?




  1. Is the marriage arranged? If yes, by whom?




  1. Were both of you present at the wedding ceremony?




  1.  Was a dowry paid? If yes, by whom and how much?




  1.  Was the wedding celebrated? If yes, where and when was it celebrated?




  1. How and how often do you and the reference person have contact with one another?




  1.  Have you or the reference person previously been married? If yes, please list the full name, age, place of birth and place of residence of the former spouse(s).




  1.  Do you and the reference person have any children together, or are you expecting a child together?




  1.  Do you or your spouse have any children from previous relationships? If yes, please list the full name, age, place of birth and place of residence of the child(ren).