Tips for the UDI

If you wish to give a tip to UDI, you can contact us by telephone.

What kind of tips can you call us about?

You can for example tip the UDI if you have information about:

  • A person who has stated incorrect information to the UDI
  • A person who is staying in Norway illegally
  • A person who has violated the terms of their residency permit
  • An employer who has employees who do not have legal residency in Norway
  • An au pair who is being exploited by their host family

You can call us on (+47) 23 35 15 00 and tell us that you have a tip and we will put you through to someone you can talk to.

You can be anonymous, if you do not wish to tell us your name. The information you give us will be saved in our systems, and the person you give us information about will usually have the right to know that someone has given a tip about them.

The UDI has a duty of confidentiality, and you will not be able to receive feedback about what we do with the case.

What kind of tips should you notify the police about?

If you wish to report a criminal offense, you have to contact the police (external website).

Criminal offences are for example:

  • threats
  • a foreign citizen has been subject to trafficking
  • somone has been subject to forced marriage

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