I have a residence permit as a skilled worker and have been laid off. Will I lose my residence permit now?

If you have a valid residence permit as a skilled worker with an employer in Norway, you do not need to report to the UDI or the police if you are fully or partially laid off. We do not revoke the residence permit based on being laid off.

You can stay in Norway as long as your residence permit is valid.

Can I get a permanent residence permit later, even if I have been or have been laid off?

If you have been laid off as of 1 November 2020, you will no longer meet your permit's requirements as a skilled employee.

One of the conditions for obtaining a permanent residence permit is that you have had a continuous residence in Norway for the past three years with permits that form the basis for a permanent residence permit. You must meet the requirements for your residence permit for the entire period. For example, if you are a skilled worker, you must have had a job and income as assumed throughout the period.

You can read more about the conditions for a permanent residence permit here.

Even if you are laid off, which affects your basis for later applying for permanent residence, you can still stay in Norway as long as your permit is valid.