Additional economic support if you have a valid travel document

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has initiated a one-year project where persons with a valid travel document can receive extra economic support if they apply for assisted return.

Published: 22.06.2015

The extra economic support is NOK 5 000.

Important information

  • You can receive extra cash if you hand in a valid travel document when you apply for assisted return. This also applies to you if you have already submitted a travel document to UDI or the police, and the travel document is still valid.
  • The extra economic support is given per person. In case several persons are named in the same passport, each person will receive extra cash.
  • The extra economic support is retroactive, thus applying for persons that have an application in process or been granted supported, but not yet left the country.
  • You cannot receive this extra economic support if you have a valid residence permit in another country within Schengen, or for some other reason cannot receive financial support for reintegration.

Do you have questions, or would you like to apply for assisted return?

If you have questions about assisted return, you can contact the International Organization for Migration (IOM), email

If you wish to apply for assisted return, you must fill in the application form on the IOM's website (external website). You can also fill in the form by hand and send it to the IOM by post. The IOM, the asylum reception centre where you live or the UDI's regional office can help you to apply.