Changed requirements for length of residence time to get Norwegian citizenship

The Storting has decided to shorten the required residence time to be granted Norwegian citizenship for applicants with sufficient income. For some applicants, the required residence time will be longer than it is today.

Published: 24.06.2021

What does this mean to you?

  • The requirement for residence time according to the main rule in the Citizenship Act is raised from seven of the last ten years to eight of the last eleven years
  • Applicants who have been granted asylum in Norway will still be required to have resided in Norway seven out of the last ten years.
  • Applicants with sufficient income in the last year, with a fixed tax settlement, are required to have resided in Norway six out of the last ten years (this also applies to refugees with sufficient income).

What is meant by sufficient income?

In the consultation on the amendment to the law and regulations, the Ministry has proposed that sufficient income corresponds to at least three times the basic amount in the National Insurance Scheme. Income and benefits are included in ordinary income in the tax settlement. This amounts to NOK 319 997 pr. 1 May 2021.

When will the changes apply from?

The changes apply from 1 January 2022. The requirement of eight years of residence time will apply to persons who register their application in the Application Portal on 1 January 2022 or later. Therefore, this change does not apply to you who have already registered or sent the application for citizenship.

The requirement of six years of residence time if you have sufficient income applies from 1 January 2022. It will also apply to you who apply before 1 January 2022 if the UDI processes the application on 1 January 2022 or later. This will also apply to you who apply on 1 January 2022 or later. 

You will find more information about the bill on the government’s website (external website).

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