Changes in the fee for Norwegian citizenship from 1 July 2021

The Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) have decided that the fee for applications and notifications of Norwegian citizenship shall be raised.

Published: 23.06.2021

The reason for the cancellation is that the fees will to a greater extent cover the real costs of the case processing.

When does the raise apply from?

The new fee rates will apply to you who register and pay an application or notification on 1 July 2021 or later.

The new fees will be:

  • Application for Norwegian citizenship for those over the age of 18 changes from NOK 3 700 to NOK 5 500.
  • Notification of Norwegian citizenship for Nordic citizens over the age of 18 changes from NOK 0 to NOK 2 700.
  • Reacquisition of Norwegian citizenship for those who lost it due to the principle of one citizenship changes from NOK 2 700 to NOK 3 200.

Applications and citizenship notifications for children will continue to be free of charge.

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