The police's Immigration Office is open with limited offers

The police's Immigration Office and Service Centers for Foreign Workers (SUA) currently have a limited offer due to the corona situation.

Published: 20.04.2020 - Last changed: 26.10.2020

It can be difficult to find and book available appointments with the police. For some types of applications, it will not be possible to book an appointment now.

You can not go to the police station when you are in quarantine

If you have to be quarantined when you come to Norway (external website), you can not book an appointment with the police until you have been quarantined for ten days. This applies even if you were told that you must report to the police within a week of entry.

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU / EEA and are going to work before you get an appointment with the police, you must contact UDI by phone or e-mail to report that you are in Norway to start working. You must still meet with the police to order a residence card when possible.

How to book an appointment

You cannot contact UDI to get an appointment with the police.

If you have applied through the Application Portal, you can log in regularly and check if there are available appointments for your application type.

If you get a message that there are no free appointments or you see no button to book an appointment after you open your application, that means there are no available appointments for the moment, and you have to try again later.

Information about where to meet

On the police's website (external website), the police districts post information on where to show up when you get an appointment and when new appointments are posted.

Please remember that you cannot show up at the police station regarding your application without an appointment.

Follow the guidelines you receive from the police

If you have applied for a residence permit, the police may contact you and ask you to upload documentation electronically instead of making an appointment with the police. If the police contacts you, always follow the instructions provided by the police. You cannot contact the police or UDI and request to hand in documentation electronically.

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