Brexit Information for British citizens residing in Norway

Due to Brexit, UDI will send letters to British citizens who have a registered Norwegian address. If you hold Norwegian citizenship in addition to British, you may ignore the letter.

Published: 03.09.2021

The letter's purpose is to remind British citizens to apply for a residence permit under the Brexit regulations. If you have already applied for a residence permit after Brexit, you do not have to apply.

The letter is sent to your registered residential address

If you are a British citizen and registered in Norway, you will receive a letter from UDI within the next two months. The letter tells you what you and your family members must do before 31 December to have the right to continue living in Norway after Brexit.

The letters will be sent out in batches over the next two months. It may take up to 40 days before you receive the letter. If you are registered with an e-mail address in the National Population Register, you will receive the letter by e-mail. If you are not registered with an e-mail address, you will receive the letter by post.

  • You may read the letter here

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