Information for those who filled out the forms for citizenship after 5 February 2020

Many of those who have filled out the application form applying for Norwegian citizenship have not been able to book an appointment yet, and it may take some time before you receive an answer to your application.

Published: 18.05.2020 - Last changed: 04.09.2020

Booking an appointment

In February and the beginning of March it was difficult to book an appointment because there were many who applied at the same time after it became possible to hold dual citizenship.

Due to the corona situation the police immigration offices closed in March in order to prevent the spreading of the virus. The police will have limited capacity in the time to come, in order to keep in line with measures to prevent the spread of the virus. In several police districts it is therefore not possible to book an appointment at this time.

We ask you to stay updated through the police website for more information (external website), and check in your application if there are any new appointments available (external website).

If you live abroad, please check in your application if it possible to hand in the application at your nearest Norwegian embassy or consulate general. (external website) 

You cannot contact the UDI to book an appointment.

Processing the applications

We will not be able to process your case if you have not been to the police yet, or if the police have not sent your case to the UDI.

After you have attended your appointment, the police or the embassy will forward the application to the UDI. You will receive an email when UDI have received your case.

At the end of August, we turned on the automatic processing of notifications from Nordic citizens. The cases sent to the UDI by the police are now being processed continuously. Either automatically by the system or by a caseworker at UDI.

UDI still plans to turn on automatic processing for other types of cases in October. This means that everyone other than those who have submitted a notification for Nordic citizens (The Nationality Act §20) will receive a response to the application in October / November at the earliest.

We do not know in any more detail when you will receive an answer to your application. When the UDI starts processing these cases, we will update the information about waiting times each month.

Some of the cases will be processed automatically. “Automatic processing” means that a computer uses information that we have about you to assess whether you can be granted Norwegian citizenship, without a caseworker looking at your case. This is only relevant for those who have applied after 5 February 2020 (and have used the new forms).

Not all cases will be processed automatically. These are examples of cases that will not be processed automatically:

  • If information about you that should have been registered in the national registry is missing. For example: Information about parental responsibility, or if you have previously had Norwegian citizenship.
  • If we need to conduct a thorough examination of your identity. This applies especially if you are from Somalia, Iraq or if you are stateless.
  • If you have asked for certain kinds of exemptions from the requirement to take tests and training in Norwegian language and social studies, for example because you have studied at a university or university college, or because you have a serious or chronic illness.
  • If you have passed Norwegian language tests, but it is not possible for the UDI to retrieve the results automatically from Kompetanse Norge. This is for example the case if you took the tests before 2014, or if you have taken tests at a university or university college (for example the Bergens test or the "trinn 3 eksamen"). 
  • If you have committed legal offenses in Norway or in another country.
  • If you do not have permanent residency, residence permit or permanent right of residence before you apply (this does not apply for previous Norwegian citizens and Nordic citizens).

If your application is being processed by a case worker, it does not mean that there is something wrong with your case. It means that a computer is not able to process your application automatically. This may mean that you must wait longer until you receive an answer to your application. 

When you receive an answer

Previously, those who were granted Norwegian citizenship had to book an appointment and meet in person at the police immigration office in order to collect their decision letter. This has now been changed. When we have processed your case we will send you the decision by post, or to your digital mailbox, if you have one. If your application for Norwegian citizenship has been granted, this letter will explain what you must do to get a Norwegian passport. 

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