Information for you who have applied for residence permit as a seasonal worker

From 26 November, anyone who has the right to enter under the Immigration Act can enter Norway. There are no longer extraordinary entry restrictions to Norway. UDI has now started to process more applications for residence permits for seasonal workers.

Published: 13.12.2021

Even though the entry restrictions are lifted, please note that there are strict requirements for registration and testing when you enter Norway. The application schemes of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and the Norwegian Directorate of Agriculture have been discontinued.

If you have an application for a residence permit as a seasonal worker with UDI and you are still waiting for an answer

If you still have an offer to work in Norway, and the job offer that you submitted with the application has expired or is about to expire, you or your employer must send us a new updated job offer.

If the high season in the business is over now, you can submit a job offer form that is valid for next year's season. We will evaluate the application within a reasonable time before the work starts. You do not have to send a new application.

You or your employer must upload and send these documents:

If you are not going to work in agriculture or forestry:

  • an updated statement from NAV that the position cannot be filled by domestic labour or labour from the EEA area

If you are going to upload and forward documents

Here you will find information on how to upload and forward the documents.

For the UDI to register the documents as quickly as possible, you must enter the receipt number from the Application Portal. The receipt number was sent by e-mail to the person who registered the application in the Application Portal.

Waiting time

Since many seasonal workers have not been able to travel to Norway, many applications were not processed because we were waiting for changes in the entry restrictions.

This means that many people have open applications and are waiting for an answer. We will prioritize the applications of those whose work start is soon, and then we will continue processing other applications.

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