Information to foreign nationals that can not travel out of Norway due to the corona virus outbreak

Due to the corona virus outbreak, many foreign nationals face problems with traveling out of Norway as planned.

Published: 20.03.2020

If you are in Norway now on a visitor’s visa, a visa free permit, or on a residency permit, and are not able to travel out of Norway before the expire date, you will not get any negative consequences.  

This means that you will not be expelled because of this, even though your stay lasts longer than your visa or your residency permit.

It will not have any consequences for you if you want to apply for a visitor’s visa or residency permit again another time. You do not have to notify UDI or the police that you are not able to travel out of Norway within your time limit.

At the same time, it is still important that you try to get an exit out of Norway as soon as possible. There are still a lot of flights out of Norway, and many people manage to travel out, either as planned, or on another flight.

Exceptions of these “provisions”

  • If you travel out of the country, for example to Sweden, and then travel back to Norway, what is written about will not be valid and you can be expelled from Norway.
  • If you were here on an illegal stay before the corona virus outbreak in Norway, you can still be expelled.
  • You can also be expelled if you commit violation of the immigration act or commit other criminal offenses.

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