Information to seasonal workers from countries that are difficult to return to

This information applies to seasonal workers from countries where there are no commercial flights due to the corona situation.

Published: 14.10.2020

This applies to the following countries: 

Angola, Botswana, Cambodia, India, Lesotho, Laos, Madagascar, Myanmar and Vietnam

When you are done working in Norway, you must return to your home country. UDI therefore assesses whether it is probable that you do return home. Due to the corona situation, there are no commercial flights to your home country now. Because of the difficulties of returning, permissions to work in Norway this autumn is not granted to seasonal workers from countries listed above if you apply from abroad.

For applicants who are already in Norway, we will process your application as usual.

We do not know how long this situation will last. Therefore, we do not know if this will affect those who want to apply for a seasonal work permit for the upcoming spring of 2021.

You can withdraw your application.

Suppose you have already applied from abroad and have not yet received an answer. In that case, you can withdraw your application and request the fee to be refunded, if the trip cannot be completed due to the corona situation and the following travel restrictions.

If you want to withdraw your application, you or your representative must send a signed letter to UDI requesting the application be dropped. The letter can be uploaded on our website. You or your representative can then contact the embassy by e-mail (external website) and request the fee to be refunded. It is the responsible embassy that decide the outcome of such a request. If your application for seasonal work has already been processed, you cannot get back your fee.

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