Facebook page about work immigration

The UDI’s Work Unit has got their own Facebook page where workers and employers can ask questions about the regulations for residence permits.

Published: 30.12.2015

What kind of questions can you receive an answer to?

On the Facebook page (external website) you can get answers to questions about.

  • regulations for people from outside the EU/EEA who wish to apply for a residence permit to work in Norway
  • regulations for hiring foreign workers
  • regulations for EU/EEA nationals who wish to work in Norway
  • how to apply for a residence permit for working in Norway 

You will receive an answer from a case officer in the UDI Work Unit within a maximum of two working days.

Please remember that everybody can read what you write on Facebook. Therefore, you must not publish sensitive personal information about yourself or others. 

Go to the Facebook page (external website) to write your question.

Do you have a question about an application? 

If you have a question about an application which is being processed by the UDI, you must call us or fill in a contact form on our website. 

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