News regarding dual citizenship

The government has proposed allowing dual citizenship in Norway. The law proposal is now waiting to be processed by the parliament. In the meantime, the old rules still apply.

Published: 13.10.2017 - Last changed: 30.08.2018

If the parliament passes the change in the law which the government has proposed, dual citizenship will be allowed for everyone who is, or wish to become, a Norwegian citizen. It will also be possible for people who lost their Norwegian citizenship according to the old rules, to get it back.  

The new rules will not be introduced until one year after the parliament has passed the new law, at the earliest. 

In the meantime, the old rules regarding dual citizenship still apply.

You can follow the status of the parliament's processing of the law proposal on their website (Norwegian language only) (external website)

 We do not know yet the exact details of the new rules, if they are passed. In any case, the new rules will not be introduced until 2019 at the earliest. 

As soon as we have any news, we will publish information here on our website about whether new rules will be introduced and the details of the new rules.  

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