Paper applications must be sent by mail

Due to the corona situation, you must send a paper application for a temporary residence permit by mail instead of appearing in person at the police office. This applies to applications that cannot be delivered electronically via the application portal.

Published: 21.04.2020

This mainly applies to the renewal of temporary residence permits for protection:

This also applies to those who have a family immigration permit and you must apply for a residence permit because:

All other groups should apply electronically through the application portal as usual. 

This is how you apply

You apply for renewal on a paper form and mail it to your police district. You can find the application form by following the link for your situation listed above. If you do not fit into any of these categories, apply electronically through the application portal.

In addition to the downloadable application form, you will also find a description of how to find the address for your police district.

This is what you must do when you receive a reply to your application

If you are granted a residence permit after the application you send by mail has been processed, you must call the police to book an appointment. You have to show up to the appointment with the police the usual way. If there is a fee for the residence permit you have applied for, you must pay the fee when you show up at the police office.

Remember that you must bring your ID documents and original documents when you attend the appointment with the police. Examples of ID documents are passports or travel documents. At the police office, you must submit biometrics for the residence card.

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