Renewed residence permit for seasonal workers staying in Norway now

If you have, or have recently had, a residence permit as a seasonal worker, you can apply for renewal of your permit if you are still in Norway.

Published: 23.04.2021

This means that can have a permit as a seasonal worker for more than 6 months in total. Even if your permit has expired, you can apply to renew it. This requires that the permit expired less than one month ago.

Renewed permission can be granted for new seasonal work in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing and the fishing industry with the same or a new employer.

You cannot have your permit renewed if you have, or have recently had, a permit under other temporary rules for seasonal workers during the corona situation in Norway (Immigration regulations section 6-3 a and b).

People who have not returned home because they come from countries that are difficult to return to can apply for a new residence permit according to the rules regarding this. Here you can read more about seasonal workers who are not allowed to return to their home country

Requirements for obtaining a renewed residence permit as a seasonal worker

  • You have, or have recently had, a residence permit according to the ordinary rules as a seasonal worker
  • You are staying in Norway now, and the employer confirms this in the completed form
  • The work is seasonal in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishing or the fishing industry
  • You must have a job offer as a full-time seasonal worker in Norway with Norwegian pay and working conditions.

If your permit has expired now, you can start working as soon as the application for renewal is registered online and the application fee has been paid. This presupposes that the other conditions for the permit have been met, and that the necessary attachments to the application are sent as soon as possible.

Duration of the residence permit

You can get a residence permit for seasonal work with the same lenght as the work offer, but no longer than until 30 September 2021. If your work offer is shorter than until 30 September 2021, your residence permit will be valid until your work offer expires.

The employer must apply for the residence permit on your behalf

It is your employer who must apply for this permit for you. You must give him/her your power of attorney. The employer must confirm that you are still staying in Norway. You do not have to show up at the police station to apply.

Information for the employer who is to apply on behalf of seasonal workers

How to apply as an employer for a new residence permit for a seasonal worker who is not allowed to return home:

You (the employer) must upload and submit:

Forms for employer:

You can read how to upload and send in additional documents here.

To register the documents as quickly as possible, you must enter the receipt number of the Application Portal. The person who registered the application in the Application Portal received this receipt number by e-mail.

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