Information about assisted returns to Afghanistan

The UDI have now started assisted returns to Afghanistan again. In Afghanistan it now is the lawyers at Shajjan & Associates that will assist you with the return. This program is temporary.

Published: 19.02.2016 - Last changed: 29.10.2018

In the new program you will get more money paid to you than you would if you returned with IOM through the old program (the IRRANA-program), but you will not receive support to start a business or vocational training.

The old IRRANA-program in co-operation with IOM is still temporarily stopped.

This is what you will be given in support for return with the new return program

  • NOK 20 000 per person who returns in the family
  • NOK 10 000 extra per child under the age of 18 if you applied before the deadline for leaving Norway
  • A place to stay in Kabul for up to two weeks if you want to
  • Transportation to your home in Afghanistan
  • A plane ticket from Norway to Afghanistan
  • USD 200 in travel money (you will receive the money at Gardermoen)

What do you need to do if you have already applied for assisted return?

You either have to accept the new return program, or withdraw your application for assisted return.

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