Unaccompanied minor asylum seekers will have their cases re-assessed

The parliament has decided that a group of persons who came to Norway as unaccompanied minor asylum seekers will have their cases re-assessed. Most of those affected are from Afghanistan.

Published: 20.11.2017

Who does this apply to?

This applies to those who fulfil all of these three criteria:

  • have been given a temporary residence permit until they turn 18 (it will be written in the decision that they have been given a residence permit according to "utlendingsforskriften § 8-8"), and
  • have been given a decision where it is stated that they are referred to the internal flight alernative (there will be a reference to "utlendingsloven § 28 femte ledd" in the decision), and
  • have been given a decision 1 October 2016 or later

What will happen to this group?

This decision has been made by the Norwegian parliament, and the UDI is now waiting for the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to notify us about how to process these applications.

In the meantime, the ministry has instructed the UDI and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) that those in this group may stay in Norway legally until the mininstry has decided how this cases will be handled. The UDI will hold off on processing applications from those in this group. Persons in this group will also not be returned to their home country until the ministry  has decided how these applications should be processed.

Unfortunately, we do not have any more information to give to the applicants or their representatives at this time. As soon as we have more information, we will publish it here on our website.