Waiting time for appointments to hand in applications for citizenship

Due to the new rules regarding dual citizenship, many people are applying right now. Therefore, it might take some time before you are able to book an appointment to hand in your application.

Published: 17.02.2020

After you have filled in the form for application for citizenship or notification of citizenship, you must book an appointment to hand in documents to the police (or an embassy/consulate, if you live abroad)

In many police districts, there are currently no free appointments. If this is the case in the police district where you live, you must wait until there are available appointments online before you can book an appointment.

You will be able to book an appointment when the police release new appointments, or if someone else cancels their appointment. You must log in to see if there are any available appointments. (external website)

At the embassies and consulates it is not possible to book an appointment yet. As soon as it is possible to book an appointment, we will publish information about it here. 

You cannot get an appointment by contacting the UDI. Only the police/embassy have access to their calendar.

You must book an appointment with the police station you chose in the form. It is not possible to change the police station after you have filled in the form.

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