This happens when you register with the local police

You will find information on how to register with the local police here (external website)

The police will electronically collect information about you and register your fingerprints. When talking to the police, they will register you as an asylum seeker. If you have a passport or other identity documents, you are to give them to the police for scanning.

The police will return your passport/documents in cases where your application is included in a group assessment. The police keep the passport in those cases where the application is to be assessed on an individual basis.

You will also receive a card for asylum seeker and a D number from the police. 

Once you have submitted your ID documents to the police, the police will send your application to UDI. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail when UDI has received your application.

In certain cases, some additional investigation by the police or UDI may be required. If this applies to you, the local police may send your application to the National Police Immigration Service (NPIS) or to UDI for this purpose. We will notify you if the NPIS or UDI needs to talk to you.

The local police where you live will not be able to register your application if you: 

  • do not have ID documents, or 
  • hold multiple citizenships, or 
  • have a residence permit in another country, or
  • have a residence permit as a refugee in Ukraine, or 
  • are younger than 18 and applying alone (without your parents) 

If any of the above criteria apply, your application must be registered at the National Arrival Centre.