Why should I register at the National Arrival Centre?

The National Arrival Centre is the primary location for registering applications for protection in Norway. A number of organisations and others are present at the centre to help to make sure that your needs are met. The National Arrival Centre is able to provide a complete package of services that you will not find in other locations:

  • Waiting times are short, and the National Police Immigration Service will carry out thorough registration interviews with you.
  • You will be issued a package of clothing and footwear.
  • You will be tested for tuberculosis and given other urgent medical care needed.
  • You will meet with Caritas, who will inform you of your rights and obligations.
  • The centre operator makes arrangements for your stay at the centre and for your future asylum placement (for example, if you have close family in Norway, if you have your car or pet(s) with you, or if you have other special requirements).
  • Counsellors from UDI are available to answer your questions at the centre.
  • Most refugees from Ukraine stay at the centre for a short periode of time.