I have been granted collective protection and my permit is about to expire. Can I renew the permit?

Your permit is set to be extended automatically

If you received collective protection in connection with the situation in Ukraine, you will be granted an automatic extension of your residence permit when it expires. You do not have to do anything else to extend your permit.

We will process most of the cases three weeks before the residence permit expires. You will receive a letter with more information in the mail when your case has been processed. If you have a digital mailbox (Digipost), you will receive the letter there. If you do not have Digipost, you will receive the letter in the mail. It may then take up to two weeks before you receive the letter.

You will still have the same rights as before to work, study and so on while you wait for the notice from UDI that your residence permit has been extended. You have these rights until you have received a response from UDI, even if your residence permit expires in the meantime.

The new permit will be valid for one year from the date your previous permit expires.

There are, however, certain exceptions:

  • you have been granted a different type of residence permit in Norway
  • based on investigations, we have reason to believe that you have moved from Norway
  • we discover that you did not actually meet the requirements for collective protection
  • you have been outside Norway for longer than 6 months during your first year under collective protection

If any of the above exceptions apply to you, you will be notified that you no longer qualify for an extension of your collective protection residence permit.

You will be issued a new residence card

If you are granted an extension, you will receive a new residence card by post. This does not apply to children who were 5 years of age or younger on the date when their residence permit was granted. In these cases, the child will be required to go to the police station to provide a fingerprint. A separate letter will be sent for such cases.

If you have registered your e-mail address with UDI, you will receive an e-mail when we extend your residence permit and when we order a new residence card. It may take up to 40 days from the date UDI or the police order order the residence card until you receive the card in your mailbox. If you do not receive your residence card within 40 days from the date UDI or the police ordered your card, you need to contact the police at the place you are living.

Make sure that your name is on your postbox

It is important that you have your name on your postbox to ensure that your residence card is delivered. If you have children, their names must also be on the postbox.

Make sure we that have your correct address

It is important that you keep your postal address up to date in the National Population Register (Folkeregisteret) (external website) so that we send the residence card to the right address. If you sign up for an electronic ID (e-ID) (external website), you will also be able to receive other communications from us online.

Do not apply for renewal now even if you receive a notification from UDI

Unfortunately, some individuals with collective protection status received a message instructing them to renew their permits. This message was sent in error, so please disregard it. The standard procedure of applying for renewal within three months of a permit’s expiry date does not apply if you were granted collective protection in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

In March 2022, UDI started granting temporary collective protection to applicants with ties to Ukraine. These permits were valid for one year from the date of the decision. Even though the first permits issued expire in March, you do not need to do anything to renew your permit.