I have been granted collective protection, but want to move back to Ukraine

You can return home to Ukraine, even if you have received collective protection in Norway. This applies regardless of whether peace has been restored or not.

When you are going to travel abroad, you must have:
• valid passport/immigrant passport/travel document for refugees
• valid residence card

If you can not travel visa-free in Schengen, you also need a residence card if you travel through countries in the Schengen area on your way to Ukraine.

If you are going to stay abroad for longer than six months, you must notify the Tax authorities (external website).

Moving from Norway or travelling out of Norway for an extended period can have consequences for your residence permit.

When you have received collective protection, it is a requirement that you stay in Norway at least half of the time you have a permit. If you have been granted a permit for one year, you must remain in Norway for at least six months. If you stay outside Norway/if you stay abroad longer, you will lose your residence permit.

If your residence permit expires while you are abroad, you must be aware that it is a requirement that you must be in Norway to apply for the renewal of your permit. If you cannot travel to Norway without a visa, you may have problems renewing your residence permit.

Refugees from Ukraine with collective protection in Norway may apply for repatriation.

Due to the current security situation in the country, UDI cannot assist Ukrainians with support for their return to Ukraine for the time being. If you are a participant in the introductory program or receive financial support from NAV or other public agencies, you must contact the municipality or NAV and inform them that you intend to leave Norway. They can inform you about the consequences for your financial aid situation and what you need to do.