New training scheme for asylum seekers: ‘Norwegian culture and Norwegian values’

Asylum seekers can be offered a 50-hour training course in Norwegian culture and Norwegian values. 29 host municipalities have decided to offer this scheme that was introduced in January 2017. The municipalities choose if they wish to offer the course.

Published: 03.07.2017

The training is intended to build bridges and help to provide greater insight into and a better understanding of Norwegian society through knowledge-based dialogue and reflection. The training will be given in a language understood by the participant. The scheme will help to make the period of stay at the reception centre more positive and support integration of those who may later be granted residence permits in Norway (norwegian only).

Skills Norway has developed presentations on the following topics to be used in the training:

  • Everyday topics and social relations
  • Family patterns and partnerships, life-cycle ceremonies and celebrations
  • Equality and protection against discrimination
  • Health, with particular focus on sexual health, and drug and alcohol abuse
  • Children's rights and the role of the parent
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment and rape
  • Democracy and values
  • Threats against democracy

The presentations are available digitally and have been translated into Arabic, Tigrinya and English.

Read more about the scheme at: (external website) and (external website).

This information in Tigrinja (pdf, 355 kB).

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