Extra support for families with children who apply for assisted return before 31 December 2016

The UDI increases the economic support with NOK 20 000 extra per child for families who have stayed long, and apply for assisted return. The offer applies to families who were given a final rejection before 2015, and apply before 31 December 2016.

Published: 15.11.2016

NOK 20 000 extra

This arrangement is for families with children who have been staying in Norway for several years after they have been given a final rejection on their application for protection (asylum). The NOK 20 000 are in addition to the regular support for assisted return.

The requirements for a family with children to qualify for extra support for assisted return are:

  • that they have had a final rejection for more than 2 years, and
  • that they apply for assisted return between 15 November and 31 December 2016.

Why are we doing this?

The situation these families are living under in Norway is not fortunate over time. Several of these families have been living in asylum reception centres for a long time. The family may also risk being deported to their home country.

For a family with children it may be a heavy economic burden to start their lives again in their home country. We wish to give these families an opportunity to return in a dignified way. We hope the temporarily increased support can contribute to them choosing assisted return, rather than risking being deported.

Receives guidance

Through assisted return, the UDI pay the airline tickets and a cash sum, so that asylum seekers with a final rejection will be able to re-establish themselves in their home country.

In Somalia and Ethiopia, we have programs which among other things can give support for employment, tutoring or business establishment. In Afghanistan those who return are given a place to live in Kabul for the first two weeks, in addition to a cash sum.

The applicants also receive guidance from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) (external website), who are well acquainted with the conditions in the home country of the applicants.