207 returned to Ethiopia

Since the programme for assisted return to Ethiopia was established in 2012, 207 people have returned home with support from the UDI. Those who have chosen this option have received money and help to re-establish a life in their home country.

Published: 01.03.2016

The Norwegian authorities, represented by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI) and the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE), are responsible for deciding applications for protection in accordance with Norwegian law. Pursuant to Norwegian law, Ethiopians whose applications for protection are rejected have a duty to leave Norway. Those who do not choose assisted return will be deported by the police. 

Assisted return with the IOM to Ethiopia 

Through the return and reintegration programme ARE, all Ethiopians who have applied for protection can apply for assisted return and be given help and financial assistance to return home and with their initial resettlement in their home country. The Addis Ababa office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) pays cash support to returnees after arrival. Those who return can also choose to accept support to start a business, a work placement or support for courses and further education. 

How to apply for assisted return

For more information about assisted return for Ethiopians, see our page with information about return to Ethiopia or contact the IOM by phone +47 23 10 53 20. Application forms are available at www.iom.no. 

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