Registered asylum applications by citizenship (top five) in the last three weeks (2019)

This table shows how many asylum applications were registered per week, sorted by citizenship. The table shows the five citizenships with the largest number of applications, as well as the total number.
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2019 week 13 - 15 : Registered1 asylum appliations by top-5 countries
CitizenshipWeek 13Week 14Week 15
1. Syrian Arab Republic 13 3 11
2. Turkey 3 7 9
3. Eritrea 5 3 3
4. Iran 3 1 5
5. Stateless 4 3 0
6. Other countries 6 16 25
7. Total 34 33 53

1A "Registered asylum applicationsĀ» is when an asylum application is registered in Utlendingsdatabasen (UDB). The time for lodging/registering an asylum application can be a few days later than the time the applicants notifies Norwegian authorities that they wish to apply for protection.

This table is updated every Monday

Kilde: Utlendingsdirektoratet/Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)

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