Syrian citizens will now need a visa to transit at Oslo airport

From 15 December, Syrian citizens who are travelling through Oslo airport on their way to another country outside the Schengen area will need a visa, even if they are not going to leave the airport.

Published: 07.11.2019

Previously, Syrian citizens were not required to have an Airport Transit Visa if they were only passing through the transit zone at Oslo airport, but this has now changed.

If you are a Syrian citizen who is planning to transit in Oslo airport after 15 December, and you do not already have a valid visa to the Schengen area, you must apply for an Airport Transit Visa. You do this by applying for a visitor visa and handing in documentation of your tickets, the purpose of your stay in your final destination and visa or residence permit in your final destination country or next transit country.

This has been decided by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security. The reason is the increase of Syrian citizens seeking asylum in Norway.

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