How to document your income from the year 2021

If UDI has received information from the Tax Administration about the reference person's income for the year 2021, we will look at the 2021 income, not the 2020 income, when we process your application.

Published: 08.01.2015 - Last changed: 16.09.2020

As a reference person, your total pre-tax income in 2021 must have been at least NOK 287,278.

This must be income that your employer has reported to the Norwegian Tax Administration and corresponds to what is stated on your payslips. When the tax assessment notice for 2021 is ready, this must show an income of at least NOK 287,278 before tax.

If we do not have information about your income for 2021, and the tax assessment notice for 2021 is not ready when we process the application, we look at your income from the tax assessment notice for 2020. For 2020, the requirement for income was at least NOK 278,648 before tax. Read more about the income requirements.

Unemployment benefits can be included as part of this amount.

You must have had a sufficient level of income throughout the period we process your application.

UDI obtains information from the Tax Administration

UDI gets information about the reference persons income directly from the Tax Administration:

We retrieve:

  • information about your salary last year
  • information about money you have received from NAV
  • information about your salary per month this year (payslips)

Information for reference persons who are wage earners

If you, as a reference person, are a wage earner and receive payslips from your employer, UDI will get the information about the payslips electronically from the Tax Administration. You do not need not submit payslips to UDI.

Information for self-employed reference persons

For example, if you do not receive a payslip because you are self-employed, UDI will not have access to information about your income in 2021 until the tax assessment notice is ready.

Your tax assessment notice is ready no earlier than the beginning of August. In order for us to assess your income from 2021 before the summer, you must submit your tax return for 2021 to UDI, with the necessary attachments (income statement/tax return with business information, etc.)

Until we have received the tax return for 2021 from you, or the tax assessment notice for 2021 is ready, we will look at your income for the year 2020 when we assess whether you meet the previous income requirement. Read about the income requirement.

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