Want to apply Protection (asylum)

You can apply for protection (asylum) if you are persecuted or if you fear persecution or inhumane treatment in your home country.

How to apply

  • You must be in Norway or at the Norwegian border in order to apply. (The only exception is for resettlement/quota refugees.)
  • You have an obligation to tell the truth to the Norwegian authorities.
  • You must go to the police to apply for protection. You will then be sent to the National Police Immigration Service in Oslo.
  • You are entitled to an interpreter when you are being registered and interviewed. Interpreters are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

Submission of the protection application and registration with the police

  • You will be registered by and must submit your protection application to the National Police Immigration Service.
  • You must state your name, age and address. 
  • You must submit your passport and any other documents that can tell us who you are.
  • You must state the name, age and address of your closest relatives.
  • You will have your fingerprints taken.
  • You must explain how you came to Norway and whether you have been in other countries on your way here.
  • You must then briefly explain why you are applying for protection and what you fear.
  • After you are registered, you will be taken to a transit reception centre

What happens at the transit centre?

Here you will stay until you are moved to an ordinary asylum reception centre.

  • You will be tested for tuberculosis and must undergo a health examination.
  • The Norwegian Organisation for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) will inform you about your rights and obligations as an asylum seeker.
  • You will get information about what it is important that you talk about in the interview.
  • You will stay at the transit centre until you have been interviewed by the UDI. After the interview, you are moved to an ordinary asylum reception centre.

Unaccompanied minor who apply for protection

  • If you are under the age of 18 and are applying for protection without being accompanied by your parents, you are entitled to a representative. You will also be appointed a lawyer.
  • You will be offered an age examination.
  • You get to live at a special reception centre for young people.