Stricter rules for visitor visas for citizens of Ethiopia

As of 3 June 2024 new rules apply to citizens of Ethiopia, regardless of country of residence. There are only a few exceptions to the rules.

Published: 03.06.2024

You must still meet the conditions for obtaining a visa.

In addition, the following applies from 3 June 2024:

  • You must hand in all the documents listed in the checklist to the embassy. Even if you have been exempted from providing some documents in the past, for example, because you handed them in to the embassy earlier, you must still provide them now.
  • The time you must wait for your visa decision increases. Normally you will receive an answer within 45 days after you handed in the documents at the embassy.
  • Even if you have a diplomatic or service passport, you cannot be exempted from the obligation to pay a fee. This means that you will still have to pay the fee.


The new rules will not apply to you if you are

  • a family member of an EU/EEA citizen, or
  • attending one or more meetings in intergovernmental organizations, or
  • attending an international conference organized by a Schengen country

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