More variation in waiting times for residence permit applications

From 2022, there may be more variation in the waiting time for residence permit applications during a transitional period. UDI is changing how we process applications, aiming for more applicants to get their application decision faster.

Published: 15.12.2021

As of 2022, UDI assess new applications for residence as they are transferred to UDI to determine if the application can be processed directly or whether we need to obtain further information. For example, we may need to contact the applicant due to lack of information, the case may require an interview, or the applicant and the reference person may need to take a DNA test.

Working this way ensures that your case does not remain on hold before we start the next step in the application process. Even if UDI reorganises the workflow for new residence cases, most of our case officers will continue to work with the older applications.

The new workflow will apply to most types of residence permit applications, but not all. We will post more information about waiting times for the different case types no later than the end of February 2022.

If you apply for a type of residence permit covered by these changes as of 1 January 2022, your application will follow the new workflow for case processing.

You will be notified faster if UDI needs further information

By reorganizing the workflow, we aim to work more efficiently so that, in the long run, applicants will experience more predictability. If an application is left in queue long before the initial assessment, the situation may have changed for the applicant. In addition, some of the information may have gotten too old and needs to be re-verified.

We know that many applicants become insecure and contact us if the waiting time for receiving a decision to their application is long. When we start working according to the new workflow, we can notify applicants faster if their application lacks needed information. In addition, we can initiate the necessary investigations more quickly, such as interviews and DNA examinations. Unfortunately, this means that there will be significant variation in how long it will take to receive a decision to applications in a transitional phase, even for the same type of applications.

Your waiting time may be shorter or longer

UDI has many cases waiting to be processed. Because we, as of January 2022, process older and new applications simultaneously, you may experience that there are variations between your applications processing time compared up against other similar cases. Unfortunately, this also means that it may take longer than previously stated before you receive a decision to your application.

Please note that your case is not submitted directly to UDI after completing your online application. Your application is considered delivered when you have been to the police/SUA or at a VFS Application Centre to hand in the attachments to your application.

The waiting time to get an appointment with the police may be long. The stated waiting time available on is an estimated waiting time from the time you completed your application (with attachments handed in to the police/SUA or the VFS Application Centre) and receiving a decision.

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