Employers: Employing someone who is an EU/EEA national

Instructions for employers seeking to hire a citizen of an EU/EEA country.

All EU/EEA nationals are allowed to work in Norway

EU/EEA nationals who have not yet registered

  • If you are going to employ an EU/EEA national who has not yet registered with the police, you must provide your worker with an employment certificate (pdf, 1,0 MB) or an employment contract with the same information as the employment certificate. The employee must present the certificate or contract to the police when registering.
  • Employees have to register themselves. You can help your worker by filling in the application and booking an appointment with the police, but the employee must show up in person to meet with the police. Read the requirements and go to the application form (choose the applicant's citizenship first).

EU/EEA nationals who have already registered

  • Workers who have previously registered with the police will have received a document called a registration certificate.
  • The worker can start working for you immediately and does not need to register again. 

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