Employers: Employing someone who is an EU/EEA national

Here you can find information about what you as an employer need to think about when employing a worker who is a citizen of an EU/EEA country.

All EU/EEA nationals can work in Norway

  • All EU/EEA nationals are entitled to be workers in Norway.
  • You can check whether the worker is an EU/EEA national by asking him or her to show you his/her passport or national identity card from his/her home country.
  • EU/EEA nationals can move to Norway and start working right away, but they must register with the police no later than three months after arriving in Norway. Registration is free.
  • Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish citizens can work in Norway without registering with the police, but they have to report a move to the National Population Register (external website).

EU/EEA nationals who have not yet registered

  • If you are going to employ an EU/EEA national who has not yet registered with the police, you must give the worker an employment certificate (pdf, 1,0 MB) or an employment contract that contains the same information as the employment certificate. The worker has to show this to the police when he or she registers.
  • The worker has to register him/herself. You can help the worker by entering information in the Application Portal (external website) and booking an appointment with the police, but the worker must go to the police in person.

EU/EEA nationals who have already registered

  • If the worker has previously registered with the police, he or she will have received a document called a registration certificate.
  • The worker can start working for you at once and does not need to register again. 

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