Information about the EU/EEA regulations

Citizens of EU/EEA countries and their family members are covered by the EU/EEA regulations. People covered by the EU/EEA regulations are in comparison to non-EU citizens granted other rights and duties while residing in Norway.

The EU/EEA regulations are a part of the collaboration between Norway and the EU.

The EEA regulations give EU/EEA citizens and their family members the right to reside in Norway. The rules are described in Chapter 13 of the Immigration Act (external website).

As an EU/EEA citizen, you are allowed to stay in Norway for up to three months after entry. This applies, for example, to visits and holidays.

As an EU/EEA citizen, you have the right to reside in Norway for more than three months if you

  • work
  • are self-employed
  • are a service provider
  • are a student
  • have your own funds to support yourself

Family members of EU/EEA citizens have the same rights, as long as the EU/EEA citizen has the right to reside.

As an EU/EEA citizen, you can also apply for other residence permits in Norway.

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