Booking of an appointment and attendance

How to book an appointment to submit application documents to the police, SUA (Service Centre for Foreign Workers), or embassy / Visa Application Centre (VFS).

Unfortunately, you cannot contact UDI to book an appointment, and you should not show up at UDI. Only the police/embassy/application center has access to their calendar for appointment bookings.

Suppose you are to submit an application for a residence permit or visa and live abroad. In that case, you must apply to a Visa Application Centre (VFS) or an embassy.

If you live in Norway and are about to apply or order a residence card, you must report to the police or the Service Centre for Foreign Workers. (external website)

  • How do I book an appointment with the police?

  • I need confirmation of legal residence while waiting for an available appointment with the police to apply for renewal or a permanent residence permit. What can I do?

  • Can I change the information or the location of my appointment on an already submitted application?

  • What happens to my rights if I apply for renewal but do not get an appointment with the police before my permit expires?

  • How can I show to other public offices and my employer that I have registered my application in time and still have legal residence?

  • What happens if I cannot hand in my application due to a closed Embassy/ Application Centre or a suspended representation agreement?

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