Want to renew Protection (asylum) and strong humanitarian considerations

It is important that you apply for renewal in good time before your residence permit expires if you want to retain all your rights.

What you need to do

  1. Normally, you must book an appointment with political three months before your residence permit expires. The corona situation can make it difficult to get an appointment with the police. If you are not able to get an appointment, you can send your applications to the police by mail.
  2. When you get an appointment with the police, you have to meet at the appointment.

You will then have the same rights as before relating to work, studies etc. while you are waiting for us to decide your application. You will retain these rights until you have received an answer to your application, even if your residence permit expires in the meantime. 

Even if you have applied in time, you may have trouble travelling in and out of Norway while waiting for your new permit. This is because you don’t have a valid residence card. Without the residence card, you can be stopped in the border control in other countries. You may also have trouble getting into Norway again when you return. 

It is not possible for you to get a new residence card until you have been granted a new residence permit.  If you applied in time, we will send you a confirmation which shows that you have legal residence while you are waiting for an answer to your application.

  • Permit which is limited due to reasons other than the applicant's identity (§74)


Waiting times

Check how long you must wait before you receive an answer to your application for protection (asylum).

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