Received an answer

Information on what happens when you receive an answer to your application is available here.

Has been granted collective protection

  • You receive an answer

  • Settlement

  • Self-settlement

  • The introduction programme

  • Which residence permit can I apply for on behalf of my child who was born in Norway?

  • I have been granted collective protection and my permit is about to expire. Can I renew the permit?

  • I do not want an extension of collective protection

Extension of collective protection has been rejected

  • Who does not get an extension of collective protection?

  • You can appeal the decision

  • I have not moved abroad and have not had my residence permit extended. What happens next with my case?

Travel out of Norway

  • May I travel abroad while I have collective protection in Norway?

  • Can I return to Ukraine, even though I have received collective protection in Norway?

  • I have been granted collective protection, but want to move back to Ukraine

  • Can someone who was granted collective protection in Norway return to Ukraine and then receive financial support for voluntary return after returning home?

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