Want to apply Refugee travel document

If you came to Norway as an asylum seeker or resettlement refugee and have been granted protection (asylum), you can be issued a refugee travel document. A refugee's spouse, cohabitant and children can also be granted a refugee travel document.

The applicant is the person (child or adult) who needs an immigrant's passport or travel document.

Why have I been granted a travel document?

You have been granted a refugee travel document because you cannot obtain a passport from your home country. You cannot use the travel document to visit your home country.

Refugees and their spouse, cohabitant and children can be granted a refugee travel document.

Who are you?

  • Refugee

  • Family member of a refugee

  • Refugee travel document if you have refugee status in another country (transfer refugee status)


Waiting time

Check how long you have to wait for an answer to your application for a immigrant's passport or travel document for refugees.

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