Most applicants will have to pay an application fee. Here you can find an overview of how much you will have to pay, how to pay and refund.

How much will you have to pay?

  • Protection (asylum) and strong humanitarian considerations

  • Visitor's visa

  • Family immigration

  • Work, studies and au pair

  • Other types of residence permits

  • Permanent residence permit

  • Immigrant's passport and travel document

  • Citizenship

  • Order a new residence card

How do you pay the fee?

  • If you register your application through the Application Portal Norway (external website, opens in new window), you pay the fee with a Visa card or Mastercard at the same time.
  • If you are not able to use the Application Portal Norway you must pay the fee at the latest when you hand in the application at the embassy or consulate. If you pay in advance, you must enclose the original receipt with your application.


It is only possible to get a fee reimbursed if you have not yet handed in the application in person. If you have questions about refunds, you must contact the embassy or the police station you chose in the application form in the Application Portal.

How the fees are decided

The application fee for a type of application reflects what it on average cost embassies, the police and the UDI to process this type of application. When the fee is calculated, both costs that are directly connected to the case processing and a share of the indirect costs (such as management, general operations and IT) is included, if relevant.

When Norwegian authorities evaluate and update the costs connected to the different application types, in order to set the fees, we use conservative estimates, so that the applicants do not have to cover unnecessary expenses.

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