Sending in additional documents in a case which is with UDI

If you have a case with UDI – and now need to send us any additional documentation, new information in your case or an appeal of a decision – you can upload it here. You can also upload documents here if the police have asked you to do so.

To upload your documents you must

  • either have attended a consultation with the police or the embassy/consulate
  • or have been asked by the police to submit your documents

Remember to enter the reference number for your case

If you enter your case's reference number, the document will automatically be uploaded to your case the same day. You will find your reference number in the cover letter you received when you submitted your application in the Application Portal. If you do not enter the receipt number, UDI will manually add the documents to your case, and it may take up to 14 days.

Are you going to send in a document for an asylum case?

For security reasons, you cannot submit documents electronically to an application for protection (asylum). Follow the instructions for how to send in documents in asylum cases.

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