Early employment start

Normally, work immigrants from countries outside the EU/EEA cannot start working until they have been granted a residence permit. However, they can start working if they have received a confirmation from the police (early employment start).

It is the police that issue confirmation of early employment start

  • Check with your local police district if you meet the requirements for the early employment start scheme.
  • At the service centres for foreign workers (SUA) in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger and Trondheim, you will not be able to get a confirmation of early employment start.
  • contact the police (external website) if you have questions about how long you have to wait for the police to confirm your early employment start or if you have any other questions about how they handle the early employment start scheme.

Requirements for skilled workers with an employer in Norway

Requirements for employees of international companies who are going on assignment in Norway

This is what you need to do

  • If the worker submits the application for a residence permit

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