You must submit these documents when you apply for a residence permit Checklist for skilled worker who are going to take additional education

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How to use the list

When you turn up to your appointment with the police or embassy/consulate you must hand in this list and copies of the documents on this list. You must also present the original documents

If any of your documents are in a different language than Norwegian or English, you must also hand in a translation of the documents into Norwegian or English.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have handed in all documents on the list which are required for your application. If all relevant documents are not handed in, this may lead to you having to wait longer for an answer or your application being rejected.

Please note: Some embassies may request additional documents based on local conditions if you are applying from abroad.

Documentation you must hand in when applying for the first time

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  • If you hand in your application in Norway, you normally only need to show your passport and hand in the copies.
  • If you hand in your application abroad, you must normally hand in both your passport and the copies. If you need your passport back before you receive an answer to your application, please contact the place where you hand in the application. 
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The signature form is the attachment you received via email when you registered your application online. Please print it and bring it with you. If you are handing in your application at a Danish embassy, please bring a filled-out application form instead. (

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  • If you have completed an education or a degree at a university or university college, you must hand in your diploma or other documentation which shows what education or degree you have completed.
  • If you have completed a vocational training programme at upper secondary school level, you must hand in both a diploma and a transcript of your grades which shows how long the education lasted, the level and the content.
  • If you have taken education which you have not completed,  you must hand in documentation which shows how long the education lasted, the level and the content.

If you have previously handed in this documentation to the UDI, you do not have to hand it in again. 

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  • Work certificates: You must provide work certificates from previous employers that contain detailed information about:
  • how long you worked there,
  • what training you received,
  • what work tasks you had and
  • what qualifications you have.

Courses: If you have courses in the profession, you can attach documentation to this as a supplement to the work certificates. The documentation must contain information about the duration/number of hours and the content of the courses.

You only need to document work experience in addition to, or instead of, documentation of education if the work experience should be part of the assessment of whether or not you are a skilled worker. 

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Check here which recognition authority you must contact  (

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If you are going to attend Norwegian language classes somewhere else than at a university/university college, the provider must be on the list of approved providers of tuition on Kompetanse Norge's website (external website).

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You must have funds equivalent of 

NOK 128 887 per year

, documented by a bank statement from your account or a detailed work contract for any part time work you do. You can not be self-employed or run your own business in Norway. If you have several bank accounts in Norway, you must enclose a bank statement for all your accounts.

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This can be a house, apartment, a room in a shared flat or similar. If you are renting, you must hand in a written rental contract which is approved by the house owner, manager or housing co-operative.  

It is reccomended (but not required) that the apartment number (dwelling number) is stated on the contract. This number consists of an H and four digits, for example H0101. When you are filling in the application form, we will ask you for this number.

If the educational institution/school is organising accommodation for you, it is sufficient that they have written this in your letter of admission, you do not need to hand in a separate rental contract. 

Additional documents for some applications

If you submit your application in a country other than your home country

If you want a representative to follow up your application in UDI on your behalf

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You can use this form Form for granting Power of Attorney (pdf, 677 kB) ( or the form you received by email when you registered your application in the Application Portal.