Innvandring og dokumenter (2008)

Komparativ studie av håndtering av dokumenter ved søknad om innvandring til Norge, Danmark, Nederland og Storbritannia.

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Innvandring og dokumenter. Komparativ studie av håndtering av dokumenter ved søknad om innvandring til Norge, Danmark, Nederland og Storbritannia (pdf, 698 kB)


In the last few years The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration handled about 70,000 applications per annum for residence and work permits. Applicants come from all over the world and permits are granted for different reasons. Documentation requirements vary according to the type of permit requested. The Norwegian Immigration Act (1988-06-24 64) covers work contracts and identity papers. In other cases the requirements are stipulated by the internal guidelines and circulars used by case workers. This can include documents verifying education and work experience as well as birth and marriage certificates. The Norwegian government sets out certain requirements for one to obtain the necessary permit issued both in Norway and abroad. This project focuses mainly on the requirements for documents issued in foreign countries, in particular Denmark, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

The goal of the project is to promote more efficiency in the processing of residence and work permits as well as to institute routines that will lead to greater certainty about the authenticity of the foreign documents submitted with applications.

Utført av: Oxford Research

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