Accessibility and adjustments to appearance

Changing the font size

The font size can also be changed by holding down the Ctrl key (PC) or Cmd key (Mac) and then pressing + (plus) to increase or - (minus) to decrease the text size.

Navigating using the TAB key

All links and functions are available when navigating with the TAB key on the keyboard. They appear in a natural order and are clearly marked as active. 

Other adjustments to the website

We have used standards on that enable you to change how the content is displayed.

The following settings are available in your browser: 

  • enlarge text and content
  • change the length of lines
  • adjust colours and contrasts
  • change the font

The settings vary between the different browsers.

PDFs and other file formats

Some content is published as PDFs or in other file formats.

We use special formats where it can be expedient and if a special design is required (for example forms to be filled in).

The most frequently used PDFs shall have universal design. We are aware that some older files do not, and we apologize for this. 

You need a program called Adobe Reader to read PDF files. The program is free, and you can download it from Adobe's website.